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In this comprehensive guide to professional speaking, Avish Parashar interviews Fred Gleeck for over 14 hours on anything and everything related to being a successful professional speaker. The Speaking Expert Series covers seven major topics:

  • Getting Started in the Speaking Business
  • Professional Speaker Marketing
  • Professional Speaking Mechanics
  • How to Get Booked in a Variety of Venues
  • Doing Your Own Events as a Professional Speaker
  • Selling Products from the Platform
  • Information Products for Speakers

Each topic is covered in depth, and the description and track listings for each topic are below. You could buy each track individually, or, if you are serious about becoming a successful professional speaker, you could invest in the entire program and save big! Plus, you get three amazing bonuses you ONLY get when you buy the full program.

What's in the Full Program?

Below is a track by track listing of exactly what's covered in the full program:

Module 1: Getting Started in the Speaking Business

Avish talks with Fred about all the details of getting yourself started in the speaking business. From presentation skills, to getting local exposure, to creating simple products, to much, much more, this is the perfect program to show you how to get started in the speaking business!

Track 1: An Overview of this Program and the Professional Speaking Business

  • An Overview of the Getting Started Module
  • What the "Gleeck System" is, and why you need it
  • Why you should make some products first, even before you start speaking
  • How to make marketing a profit center
  • How to make money from "free" gigs
  • The Funnel System: what it is and why you need it
  • The hows and whys of developing a strong niche
  • The importance of marketing skills vs. speaking skills

Track 2: Presentation Skills Advice

  • A simple way to practice speaking, even when you don't have an audience
  • Using writing to improve your speaking
  • The benefits of attending Toastmasters meetings
  • How to learn by observing other speakers
  • The benefits of attending seminars
  • Why your first goal should be to speak as much as possible

Track 3: Top 5 Ways Professional Speakers Get Business

  • Someone in your audience hears you speak and hires you for their group
  • After speaking you get a great referral
  • You have attained celebrity status
  • You position yourself as a recognized industry expert
  • You have terrific speaker materials

Track 4: Should You Be a "Motivational Speaker"?

  • Why you may be hurting yourself by calling yourself a Motivational Speaker.
  • How to set yourself apart and get booked, even if you want to be “motivational”
  • The real truth behind why associations pick certain motivational speakers

Track 5: Getting Started in the Professional Speaking Business

  • How to simply create a great revenue generating product
  • Should you ever speak for "free"?
  • Why and how to collect email addresses and contact info when you speak
  • How to use handouts to generate more business
  • Starting out by speaking locally - the " where and how" of it

Track 6: Developing Your Unique Style as a Professional Speaker

  • Why developing your own style is important
  • Some people will hate you – and that's a good thing
  • How to deal with negative evaluations
  • The importance of "being yourself"
  • Avoiding switching into "speaker mode"
  • Walking your talk: on stage and off
  • The Speaking Image: What it is and how you can build it
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition

Track 7: Logistics of the Speaking Business

  • How to pick an appropriate name for your business
  • Dealing with accounting
  • How to keep your overhead low
  • Which office tools you need to run your professional speaking business
  • Setting up business phone numbers
  • Using employees; to staff or not to staff…
  • When do I go full time?

Track 8: Terminology and Things Every Professional Speaker Needs to Know

  • Speaker vs. Trainer vs. Coach vs. Consultant vs. Facilitator vs. Seminar Leader - what's the difference?
  • Organizations you should know about
  • Keynote presentations vs. breakouts and training sessions
  • What public seminar companies are, and how to decide if they're right for you.

Track 9: Succeeding in the Long Run as a Professional Speaker

  • The importance of goal setting
  • Watching out for sharks
  • Basic time management for speakers
  • The three things every starting speaker should focus on
  • Avoiding the quick buck: taking the long view

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Module 2: Professional Speaker Marketing

Avish talks with Fred about the ins and outs of speaker marketing. This program covers speaker materials, marketing strategies, how to handle inquiries, different ways any speaker can make money, and more! This is the perfect program to get your professional speaker marketing efforts started - or kick them up a few notches!

Track 1: Professional Speaker Promotional Materials

  • The importance of authoring your own books
  • Different types of printed materials you should have (and some you shouldn't)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Using "give away items" to promote yourself
  • The professional speaker "demo video" - the critical element of your marketing mix
  • The importance of websites and blogs
  • The most important pieces of promotional material every speaker needs as soon as possible
  • The importance of great pictures - and how to get them!

Track 2: Setting Fees as a Professional Speaker

  • The different fee levels for beginners, "regular speakers," and celebrities
  • The minimum you should charge for credibility purposes
  • Setting fees and working with speakers bureaus

Track 3: Key Items Every Professional Speaker Should Negotiate Before Taking a Gig

  • What to do when they call you and you're booked
  • Getting permission to record everything
  • Cultivating your database by collecting emails and contact information

Track 4: Handling Professional Speaking Inquiries

  • The goal of every speaker's office
  • Using lead sheets and inquiry sheets
  • Using speaker tracking sheets to stay organized and on top of engagements

Track 5: Making Money as a Professional Speaker

  • Different forms of speaking revenue
  • How to make money with product sales and consulting revenue
  • Why you must understand your market first,before you can start making money
  • How to pick a great topic for that market
  • The Power of niche marketing - how to be the king or queen of a niche

Track 6: Marketing: Getting People to Call You for Your Professional Speaking Services

  • Direct vs. indirect marketing
  • Generating speaking leads by running your own seminars
  • The power of forming your own association
  • Researching your topic for the speech and for marketing
  • Working trade shows
  • Making personal contact and networking

Track 7: Professional Speakers and Books

  • Why you must write a book
  • Three ways a book will help you as a professional speaker
  • Four simple steps to getting your book written
  • Publishing options: self vs. traditional vs. vanity
  • Should you participate in a book anthologies?

Track 8: How a Professional Speaker Can Use Writing to Market Themselves

  • Writing for publications
  • Writing for niche markets
  • Writing for newsletters

Track 9: Publicity and the Professional Speaker

  • The goals of your publicity efforts
  • Making the most of publicity appearances
  • Advice for getting on and making the most of radio appearances
  • Should you bother trying to get on TV?
  • Opportunities for print publicity
  • Elements of a great press releases
  • Elements of a press kit

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Wait a Second...This Sounds Like Work!

Yes, there is work involved. This is not a "silver bullet" that will grant you instant success. Frankly, there isn't a silver bullet, and if you're looking for one, then this is the wrong program for you.

However, if you are interested in building a speaking business, and treating it as such, then this program will give you the direction, tools, and knowledge you need to take years off your learning curve and help you reach professional speaking success!

Now, let's get back to seeing what's in the program…

Module 3: Professional Speaking Mechanics

Avish and Fred talk about the mechanics of being a great professional speaker. They cover everything from the characteristics of a great speaker to finding and developing material to taking care of your voice to customizing your presentations to getting your audience involved and more!

Track 1: The Three Characteristics of a Great Professional Speaker

  • How to be real and authentic as a speaker
  • The importance of giving great, usable information
  • Being funny - why it's so important, and how to do it
  • Using "sincere self disclosure" to connect with the audience
  • Why improv comedy is a great tool for any speaker

Track 2: Your Voice: Taking Care of a Professional Speakers #1 Tool

  • The importance of taking care of your voice
  • What you should (and shouldn't) be eating and drinking before and during presentations
  • When you should use a microphone, and how to make the most out of it

Track 3: Putting a Great Presentation Together

  • The difference between scripting and outlining, and which you should do
  • What the "Primacy/Recency Affect" means to you
  • How to open with a bang
  • Different ways to start your presentation
  • Putting together an effective closing
  • Ideas for different closings
  • Why having a variety of closings "in your pocket" is a smart idea

Track 4: Customization for Your Audience and Client

  • The three levels of customization and how to price them
  • Adjusting your speaking level for different audiences
  • Why you need to be aware of the audience's composition
  • How to effectively present to audiences of different sizes

Track 5: Developing Content for Your Presentations

  • How and where to test new material
  • Using topic files to quickly put together presentations on a variety of topics
  • Storytelling: Why you should tell stories, where to find them, and how to tell them
  • Using stats and quotations to add impact to your presentations
  • Getting people to love you by using lists

Track 6: The Professional Speaker / Audience Member Relationship

  • Stimulating all of your audience's senses
  • Using "take home items" to add impact and be remembered
  • Getting the audience involved and moving
  • Physically illustrating your points
  • The effective use of visual aids and props
  • Using music to enhance your presentations
  • How to handle hecklers and people who seem unhappy
  • Remember: you are not your audience!

Track 7: Delivering Like a Star

  • Dealing with stage fright
  • Knowing when to stop
  • Why ending on time is the simplest way to stay on the planner's good side
  • Using hard data to back up your results
  • Your key to success: exceeding expectations
  • Dealing with low attendance

Track 8: The Business Side of Presentation Skills

  • Your "business success mantra": be easy to do business with
  • Why you must treat everyone with equal respect
  • The importance of not trying to please everyone
  • Sending thank you notes and gifts
  • The dangers of mixing business and pleasure

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Module 4: Beyond the Corporation: How to Get Booked in a Variety of Venues

Avish talks with Fred about many of the different options speakers have when it comes to speaking venues. There are many more places to get hired to speak than just corporations! In this audio, Fred and Avish discuss working with bureaus, speaking internationally, and speaking to associations, on cruise ships, and more!

Track 1: Working with Speakers Bureaus

  • What speakers bureaus are and how they work
  • Bureau commissions: what's normal?
  • The dilemma of working with a bureau
  • Considering if and when to work with a bureau
  • How to build a good long term relationship with a bureau
  • Warning signs of a bad bureau

Track 2: Speaker Showcases

  • What a speaker showcase is
  • Bureau sponsored vs. non-bureau sponsored showcases
  • How to make the most of appearing in a showcase
  • Using seminars as showcase opportunities

Track 3: Non-Corporate Markets

  • Turning public seminars into private "in-house" events
  • Is international speaking as glamorous as it looks?
  • Why speaking for associations is one of the best ways to go
  • How to get booked to speak for associations
  • The importance of being easy to work with and making the meeting planner look good.
  • Alternate markets: colleges and cruise ships

Track 4: Getting Repeat Business and Referrals

  • The three components of getting repeat business and referrals
  • How to ask for referrals and repeat business
  • The critical importance of being good
  • How to be well liked and easy to work
  • Properly following up to get more business

Track 5: Additional Marketing Methods

  • The importance of being different
  • Getting letters from government officials
  • How to employ "strategic volunteering" to meet the right people
  • The effectiveness of handwritten notes
  • Additional (and unusual) marketing methods
  • Using advertising and infomercials to build business

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About Fred Gleeck

Fred Gleeck is a professional speaker, seminar leader, and information marketer who has been speaking to groups for over 24 years. Fred began his career speaking directly to business and corporate audiences, and now spends his time conducting sold out public events around the world showing people how to get off “the rat race” and make a real living pursuing their interests and passions.

Fred currently splits his time between Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City where he helps professional speakers and information marketers of all sorts to succeed.

Module 5: Doing Your Own Events as a Professional Speaker

You don't just have to wait for organizations to hire you. Putting on your own seminars and events can be a great way to make money, get known, and sell products. In this audio program, Fred and Avish will go over all the details of putting on your own events. They talk about everything from naming your event, picking dates and locations, marketing, using other speakers, putting together content, scheduling the day, and the ever important "Public Seminar Formula" that makes sure you don't lose your shirt!

Track 1: How to Make Money in the Seminar Business

  • The pros and cons of running your own seminar
  • The Public Seminar Formula: What it is and why you need it
  • Setting prices for your event
  • Making additional revenue through product sales
  • Generating consulting work from your seminars
  • What the goals of your seminar should be

Track 2: Scheduling Your Seminar: When and Where

  • Understanding your audience's needs and habits
  • The best months and days of the week for different types of audiences
  • Scheduling conflicts and issues to be aware of
  • The importance of avoiding ambiguity
  • Locations: in the city, out in the suburbs, and what kind of venues to use

Track 3: Promoting Your Seminar

  • One step vs. two step promotional systems
  • Using early enrollment incentives
  • Building and leveraging your email list
  • Effectively using ads in publications
  • Is direct mail still viable (and if so, how do you use it properly)?
  • How to use postcards to drive interest
  • Why you must understand The "Heart Attack Curve"

Track 4: Logistics of Running the Event

  • Signing in pre-registered people
  • Taking walk in registrations
  • When do you get help for your event?
  • Accepting different forms of payment
  • Do you need a dedicated phone number for your seminar?

Track 5: Designing the Seminar

  • The importance of seminar titles
  • Creating the outline
  • Opening with a bang, ending with an impression
  • How to use a modular content system to quickly build seminars
  • Using pre-program questionnaires for seminar success

Track 6: Working with the Venue

  • Getting good deals when working with venues
  • What not to guarantee when working with a hotel
  • Why you should check out your meeting room in advance, multiple times
  • A/V: Should you use yours or the venue's?
  • Feeding your audience: Should you or shouldn't you?
  • Different room setup options for your seminar
  • The different elements you need to double check before your seminar

Track 7: Using Handouts

  • Two important reasons to always use handouts
  • How to easily put together a simple handout
  • How much information should go on a handout?
  • Including bios and resources in your handout
  • Using your handout to promote your other offerings
  • How to effectively use evaluation forms
  • How to make sure people hand in their evaluation forms
  • Dealing with negative comments and unhappy attendees

Track 8: Delivering the Seminar

  • The importance of starting on time
  • Letting the audience introduce themselves - how to do it right.
  • The proper way to use audience interaction
  • Examples of audience exercises
  • Different ways to keep people engaged
  • How to deal with off topic questions
  • Why you should repeating audience questions
  • Why and how to use guest speakers
  • Hot Seats - what they are, and how they can make your event better (and better attended!)
  • The benefits of taking your own notes as you deliver the seminar
  • Using Certificates of Completion

Track 9: Putting on Your Own Bootcamps

  • Defining what a bootcamp is
  • How to price your bootcamp
  • How to market your bootcamp
  • Why you want to make your bootcamp an elite event
  • Generating spin-off business from your bootcamps
  • Why and how to use guest speakers
  • What kind of venue should you hold your bootcamp in?
  • Recording the bootcamp

Track 10: Additional Revenue

  • How your seminar can lead to consulting work
  • How to use your seminar to market your consulting without "pitching"
  • Why you should not hold back content even if you are offering consulting
  • One way you should never answer questions
  • Finding sponsors for your event
  • Being invited to deliver you seminar in-house
  • When should you let others tape you?
  • Why you should record your own seminars
  • How to video tape you seminars affordably

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Module 6: Selling Products from the Platform

If you have products to sell, you can double or triple your income by selling those products after an engagement. Some speakers regularly wave their fee because they know they will make more than enough money selling their products. However, selling from the platform without alienating the audience and annoying the client takes some skill. In this program Avish and Fred discuss the best ways to sell from the platform to maximize revenue while keeping everyone happy

Buy the entire program (all 4 tracks – well over an hour of material – delivered instantly to you as MP3 downloads)

Track 1: Selling from the Platform

  • What selling from the platform means
  • Is it wrong to sell from the platform?
  • How to avoid overselling
  • How long to "pitch" for, and how frequently
  • The importance of giving a great presentation
  • How to price your products
  • Using two and three tiered pricing

Track 2: Elements to Selling Well

  • Why you want to be confrontational of the status quo
  • The importance of being liked and respected by the audience
  • Why you should tape and review presentations from a product sales perspective
  • How your look and attire can affect sales
  • Don't make the audience feel deficient
  • The critical importance of having 100% confidence in your product
  • Why leaving people a little overwhelmed is a good thing
  • Don't disguise the transition into your pitch

Track 3: Maximizing Sales

  • How to use meeting and greeting attendees before the presentation to boost sales
  • Using "Order Today" discounts
  • Why you shouldn't hold back content, even when you want to make sales
  • Using checklists to stay organized and on track
  • Measuring sales results
  • How to get the association on your side
  • Having products in inventory
  • Using "Action Idea Sheets" to boost sales
  • The importance of displaying your products and upselling at the table
  • Why you should have guarantees on all your products
  • Answer all questions fully, even if you want people to buy your products
  • Don't look desperate

Track 4: Logistics

  • How to accept payments on site
  • Using payment terms and plans
  • Whether (and how) you should consider changing prices on the fly
  • Using custom bags to look professional and boost sales
  • Elements of a simple order sheet
  • Why you should consider selling other people's products
  • The advantage of selling specific and targeted products
  • Dealing with problems and errors
  • Getting help for your product table
  • Shipping product after the event

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About Avish Parashar

Avish Parashar is a professional speaker who uses ideas from improv comedy to teach groups to be more creative, to work better as a team, and to improve their productivity. Avish has spent over 19 years performing, teaching, and directing improv comedy, and over eight years speaking to corporations, associations, and individuals about how to stress less, achieve more, and have more fun.

He’s learned a lot over those years, but he’s also picked up a lot of questions. In this audio program, he asks Fred all of them!

Module 7: Information Products for Speakers

As a professional speaker, you are often paid to speak. However, it is your content and information that clients are really buying. By packaging that content into a variety of forms, you can reach more people, make more money, and create "passive revenue streams" for yourself. In this audio, Fred and Avish talk about the types of products you can have, how to price them, how to create them, how and where to sell them, and more!

Track 1: Creating and Selling "Info" Products

  • Defining what an infoproduct is
  • What does "making money in your sleep" really mean?
  • The value of a realistic approach to making money with infoproducts
  • The "three legged stool" of internet marketing
  • The importance of catering to the different modalities of learning
  • Different types of products you can create and sell

Track 2: Creating the Product

  • Outlining your infoproduct
  • Using online and offline surveys to build your product
  • Choosing the format of your infoproduct
  • What repurposing is, and how to do it properly
  • Creating a product by interviewing others
  • The three best ways to create your own audio products (and which one you should opt for)
  • Different delivery mediums for your audio product
  • How much editing do you need for your audios?
  • Creating video products from your live seminar events
  • When and how to create a video product using a studio, script, and actors
  • The pros and cons of video slideshows and screen captures as products

Track 3: Selling the Product

  • Deciding what price to set for your infoproducts
  • The importance of making your package look good, but not too good
  • Resources for duplication and shipping of your videos, audios, and books
  • Offline ways of selling your infoproducts
  • How and where to sell your product online

Track 4: Traffic and Conversion

  • The four quadrant approach to finding buyers for your infoproducts
  • Finding people for free online and offline
  • Using paid approaches to finding buyers, online and offline
  • The top four techniques to drive traffic, one for each quadrant
  • Why testing is critical when it comes to conversion
  • How to test and measure your results

Track 5: Licensing Products

  • Explaining what licensing is
  • The difference between licensing and simple affiliate/commission sales
  • How do you license other people's material?
  • Standard licensing vs. master licensing
  • Finding people to license your products to

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  • 3 keys to double your revenue from any speaking engagement that you accept
  • A simple 5 step program to develop an audio program that will EASILY sell for $195 and take you less than 10 hours to create
  • A simple system to develop your own information products in less than an hour – that can make you money starting right away
  • 5 Tips to promoting your own seminars and “boot camps” to give you an immediate, huge cash flow surge
  • and much, much more.

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Bonus #2 – Special “Speakers Bureau” Interview – Fred and Avish interview Jeff Bigelow, a partner at the Speak Inc speakers bureau. In this 24 minute audio, Avish and Fred get the inside scoop on how to get connected with a bureau, how to make the most of your bureau relationship, what you need to do to succeed as a speaker, and much more! (a $17 value!)

Bonus #3 – 20% Off the Speaking School! – The Speaking School is Fred and Avish’s flagship training event for speakers! Four days of in-depth presentation skills training using exercises from the world of improv comedy. This live seminar takes place outside of Las Vegas, is limited to six people maximum, and is the fastest way to improve your speaking skills we have ever seen. If you buy the Speaking Expert Series Full Program, you are eligible to receive 20% off either the Fall 2011 or Spring 2012 Speaking School! (a $400 value!)

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